SIMON Jacques Page de Jacques Simon, CNRS, Mathematiques Appliquees,
             Universite de Nice Pagina de Jacques Simon, CNRS, Matematica Aplicada,
             Universidad de Nice

Research Head at CNRS
Active ... retired

Adress: 14 rue des Pigères
F 63230 Chapdes-Beaufort
Phone: (33) 6 75 87 41 26
E-Mail: simon-chapdes(at)
Simon Jacques doing maths!

Curriculum Vitae
At AMS Top10 Maths? It is chinese!

  Publications on:

Functional analysis
  • Analysis for PDEs (series of books)
  • Functional spaces and analysis
  • Banach valued distributions
  • Nonlinear pdes
  • Bounds independent of initial data
  • Fractional regularity
  • Control of measure data
  • Plasma equilibrium
  • Navier-Stokes equations with varying density
  • Navier-Stokes equations: velocity pressure solutions
  • Domain variations
  • Variations of pde solutions
  • Drag variations
  • Modeling
  • Rugose walls
  • 3D shallow flows obtained by a 2D calculus
  • Shallow water (others)
  • Forest fire modeling

  • Updated on april 10, 2022